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Illamasqua Creme Foundation


Illamasqua Creme Foundation CF120: £21.50

This lovely package arrived for me yesterday in what seemed a very unnecessarily large package for one foundation but the lovely packaging made in all very exciting! (I bought online as I don't have an illamasqua stand near by) Thanks to their valentines promotion I also got free delivery so I finally could justify spending so much money on a foundation. I've have nearly used up all my screen face creme foundation palette for my makeup kit on myself(naughty Georgia!) and i absolutely love the finish that creme foundation gives my skin. I have quite an obvious pores when I wear liquid foundations which I don't like at all but creme foundations are literally not even visible on your skin  so I decided I'd use cremes from now on.

I picked this up in CF120 which is for light skin with pink undertones. It blends in so nicely to my skin and gives a really good coverage. The texture is really smooth and makes your skin feel so soft and light that you don't even feel like your wearing a foundation. Overall, after only using this twice so far I can say that I totally love it. I definitely recommend this product and can say that the price is definitely worth it. If like me, you dont have a store near by, their website is really helpful as it gives photos as examples of the foundations on different skin tones which really allows you to pinpoint your colour. A brilliant foundation!

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