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John Freida Sheer Blonde Lightening Spray


John Freida Sheer Blonde Lightening Spray:£6.99

So I've been trying to go blonder recently and was recommended this product by a friend who used this to lighten her roots. I on the other hand wanted to lightening the whole of my hair apart from the roots as i like that growing out roots look. The idea is that you spray this into you're hair after washing and towel drying it and then the heat from the hair dryer is supposed to gradually lighten your hair. 

Overall I really haven't been satisfied with this product. After spraying on your hair it leaves a really funny smell which I don't like at all but the main reason being that I generally haven't seen any change in my hair and in colour and I feel as though it's making my ends quite dry and brittle. I'm disappointed in this product so it isn't something I'd recommend for lightening up you're hair ladies!

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