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Barbara Daly Cream Concealer
 Barbara Daly Even Smoother Eye Base 2.5g 
Barbara Daly Nail Polish Coral Reef 11ml

Barbara Daly Cream Concealer: I'd been wanting to try this concealer for quite a while as I'd caught my eye on the makeup asle in tesco a few months back. I've had real trouble lately finding a nice creamy concealer since purchasing the studio finish concealer which I feel hasn't had the correct consistency that I desired. This product is a a lot creamier and applies nicely to the skin. The coverage is build-able and after buffing into the skin really does rid of any redness,blemishes or dark eye circles. I've been really impressed with this product so far not to mention Barbara Daly's extremely reasonable prices which really makes you feel like youre penny's are going a long way!

Barbara Daly Even Smoother Eye Base: This product is great as it can be used as either and eye base or a lighter concealer. There's nothing I love more than getting more than one use out of a product! This product evens out the eyelids and increases wear and blend-ability of eye shadows. It really does allow eye shadows to cling to the lids for a long period of time keeping everything in place. It can also be used as an under eye concealer to give that Kim Kardashian glow. Again this product is so well prices for what you're getting and the consistency gives a lovely creamy finish, i definitely recommend!

Barbara Daly Nail Polish Coral Reef: I'm in love with the coral colour of this nail polish, it's the perfect summer colour with a hint of pink. It's well pigmented but I did need to apply a couple of coats to get a full coverage colour, which i didn't really mind as i almost always apply to coats to any nail polish. What really stood out to me was the finish that this polish gave, It's so glossy and smooth once dried it really has that manicure look to it and has really high end feel. 


  1. has barbara daly makeup been discontinued

  2. can you please tell me where I can get barbara daly face lift and primer tescos seems to have stopped selling

  3. I WISH Tesco would say what they are doing??? and if BD makeup has stopped, I think it has, I can't find it anywhere and have been to a few larger stores I really like the tinted moisturiser...:-((


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