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Bonocure colour freeze shampoo

This shampoo has honestly been a life saver! After bleaching my hair several times to achieve lighter hair it still persisted to turn a yellowy shade a couple of days after bleaching. This horrible yellow tone just would not budge even after using provokes touch of silver shampoo, which didn't lighten my hair what so ever.

This shampoo is highly pigmented and for the price, I
think this is definitely great value for money seeing as you get a 250ml bottle. It says on the bottle to only apply a couple of times a week to you're hair but still I wanted immediate action I use this generally as my every other day shampoo. This probably isn't a good idea as much hair isn't looking or feeling to healthy at the moment so I wouldn't advise this but I have definitely seen a huge improvement in the colour and finally have white toned hair that I had been longing for. I usually leave the shampoo in for about 5 minutes so that it really saturates into the hair but it can be left in a lot longer if you want the hair to appear ever white, it may also have a slight lilac tone to it, which is great if that's what your into! Overall I love this product and it has finally allowed me to achieve the hair colour I'd been aiming for, along with directions white toner the two create lovely silver/white toned hair.Take a look at the before and after photos!

Before using colour freeze

After using colour freeze

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  1. oml thanks for this great blog post!! i'm having such trouble getting the yellow out of my bleached hair. i will deffo try this shampoo! thanks!! xx


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