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swatch after being rubbed into the skin

 Loreal Lumi magique Primer - £9.99 Boots

After reading a bunch of face primer reviews I didn't seem to find one that would give me a dewy glossy finish to my skin as they all seemed to have matte finishes which isn't what i'm into! I love my skin to have that satin finish so after some primer hunting in boots i finally came across this one in the L'Oreal section. Not only do i like the face that it's in a pump bottle, i liked the size of it and the fact that i could just pop it in my handbag unlike some primers that are over sized or in tubs which isn't great for travelling. 

I apply a pea size amount to my face and use my hands to apply it all over. I do this after ive moisturized my face and let the primer sink into my skin for about 5 minutes. Instantly my skin has a glistening sheen finish what i love and after applying the rest of my makeup that dewy glow still shines through. I can totally tell the difference from wearing this primer rather then not at all as my makeup just stays in place for the whole day. Before i purchased this i was having problems with my blush and contour starting to fade throughout the day and go blotchy but once the primers applied it doesn't budge. 

Overall I'm really impressed by this product. Not only is the price really affordable but it leaves my skin with a real glow which is exactly the look i desired. It definitely does the job and was a great purchase in my opinion. 

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  1. Looks like a lovely product, I think I might have to look for one that is matte since my skin is crazy oily. Nice review though.



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