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                                                Organix moroccan argan oil: Boots £6.99

So after bleaching my hair like crazy this summer and using abundances of silver toner shampoo's my hair is really on it's last legs! Why i do this to my hair i'll never know after years of dying and bleaching i really feel as though i have no hair left at all! It's got so thin and i'm shedding like crazy but I'm determined to get it healthy again.

So I decided to invest into a Moroccan oil to give it a bit of life and try to replenish the ends. Instantly after a applying a pea sized amount to the ends of my hair and pulling it through I can feel a difference. It leaves my ends feeling silky and smooth and removes any of the brittle feel and appearance. I've been applying this to my damp hair just after I've towel dried it so that it soaks nicely into the hair, I think applying it to dry hair would make it slightly greasy!

Overall I'm really impressed with this product and can't believe the price compared to the real moroccan oil which I've heard is just as good! This product is also available in a shampoo and conditioner so using those together i believe could do you hair a world of good.  I'm going to continue using this every time I wash my hair and hopefully I can get my hair back to a healthy state. 

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