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Superdrug- £1.49

So having used batiste dry shampoo for a few years now i decided to pick this floral and flirty blush one up in a mini as I'd been going to a few festivals and outdoor events where you're not likely to get a shower! It proved to become such a necessity for me that I ended up picking it up in the larger size. I love the scent of this one! It's so fresh and fruity and really gives you're hair a lovely perfumed scent, as well as working wonders and completely ridding of any greasy hairness. I just spray my roots a few times all over the hair as they the parts which appear most greasy and then I either brush the spray in or just ruffle my hair up a bit so that the whiteness of the dry shampoo blends into my hair and scalp. Such a must have for the handbag and so affordable!

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