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09/10/2012 Beverley Knight K Eyebrow Pencil 5g - Espresso (02) (Google Affiliate Ad)

Superdrug: £7.49

Thought I'd do a review of one of my essentials beauty products! I love this product and it's not only been a life saver but has saved me so much money in the long run. i used to get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted at the salon, costing me about £7 a time for each which would last my 2-3 weeks. I have naturally light eyelashes and eyebrows which I'm really not a fan of so I like them to be a dark brown as i like that look with lighter blonde hair , it's just what I'm into! I know if's not everyone's cup of tea. So anyway, this costs me ... and literally will last me 2-3 months as you use such a small amount each time and the great thing is if they start to fade you can just top them up when needed. I believe this kit is available in two colours, black and brown. I buy the brown for my eyebrows and have a black one for my eyelashes, but obviously you could use just one colour for both if that's what you desire.That's another great thing about this product that you can kill two birds with one stone and get both done in one go! Extremely cost effective. So as you can see it come with a cream colour and an activating solution, along with a little mixer, so here's a step by step guide to how I apply it:

001. Add a ting squirt of the cream colour into the plastic well in the dish along with 2-3 drops of the activating solution.

002. Use the small mixing tool to mix the two together until you have a thick mixture.

003. Apply vaseline around the area you are applying to to prevent staining your skin. So in the case of your eyebrows apply vaseline all around the brow ensuring you done actually get it on the eyebrow. For the eyelashes you only really need it under the bottom lashes. 

004. The kit also comes with a small mascara type wand to apply the dye. Use this to get a little mixture on and begin to brush through your eyebrows, or eyelashes (careful with the eyelashes, avoid getting in you're eyes, it hurts!)

005. Now it's then up to you how long you leave it on for but i like to leave mine in brown on for 5-8 minutes as I liek them dark but it's really up to you. If your unsure you can always take it off, see if you'd like it darker, and then reapply.

006. I then just put a bit of moisturizer on a cotton pad and use it to take the rest of the dye of the eyebrows or lashes, then just do the same again but with a watered down pad.

007. And voila! You've got some lovely tinted lashes and eyebrows for a great price and you can top then up whenever you like as you use so little in the kit! I 100% recommend if you often tint your brows or lashes or even if you're wanting to try it for the first time. Happy tinting!!

Georgia x

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