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TK Maxx: £4.99

Ok so I'm a sucker for products like this. My lips are one of my features that I'm not particularly proud of. I've always wanted to have bigger and fuller lips as mine are quite flat and not very big, and lately it's kind of been bothering my. So I stumbled across this product in TK Maxx and was like errr yeeeah trying that. So I guess you all want to know the results? Well... obviously as I was purchasing this I was thinking to myself this is so stupid Georgia why are you even bothering to buy this, you know it's just a gimmick. SO as for the contouring smoothing cream side, I don't really see the need for it. I guess it did sooth my lips but I'm not really sure as to why their referring to the word 'contouring' as it doesn't seem to highlight the outline of you're lips or anything like that, so that side to me was a bit of a miss. As for the other side, this is the cream that's meant to ultimately plump up you're lips and give them a fuller appearance. Now on the leaflet inside there really isn't any information as to how many times you should apply this throughout the day or how it will ultimately change the appearance of you're lips, i.e- whether it takes a few applications before you begin to notice a difference. 

So i found myself applying this 3-4 times a day at first, just to see if it really would make a difference. So as the day went out i found myself going up to my mum and saying 'mum look, my lips look bigger!' haha. Now I genuinely think that they did look fuller and plumper, especially my bottom lip as well as the cream being really moisturizer for my lips. HOWEVER, and yes I'm sure you knew this was did wear off and didn't appear to last longer than a day, at least not unless i re-applied it each time. Now when I say my lips looked bigger, obviously I don't mean i gained an angelina jolie pout but i did notice a slight increase in the fullness of them. There is no tingling sensation when you apply the cream unlike most lip plumping products which was quite nice as its just a soothing cream. It was only after getting this product home that i notice it was labelled as wrinkle decrease which I assume the first cream is focusing on, to replenish the lips and give a younger appearance so maybe this product would be better for an older generation. However as I said, the lip plumping part I found to work but only for a short period of time, and I think you would only notice a difference if you have smaller, less fuller lips yourself. Overall this product was well priced for a short but sweet result, but for a long term result I wouldn't recommend it.

Whats you're Favorite lip plumping product? Have any really worked for you?


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