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Loreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimiser Serum
TK Maxx- £4.99

I have always felt that I have quite visible pores, particularly around my chin and around my cheeks nearest my nose. This products great for really iliminating the appearance of pores with its smooth serum finish leaving your skin feeling so smooth and refreshed  It really does seem to fill over the pores well and leave the skin feeling smooth and covered ready for your makeup base to be applied over the top, which then allows the appearance of pores to completely disappear. Overall I'm quite surprised by this product and how it works, I ended up having a little beauty product splurge in TK Maxx and had to pick this up with the price having been reduced so much! I fo sho' advise picking up beauty products there as their pricing (it's RRP was £16.98) is so great and there's such a variety of products to choose from ,you can find some real gems! Highly recommend this product if you're looking for an affordable product to disguise those pores!- it smells nice too.

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