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Models Own set of 3: TK MAXX £6.99
Top Turquoise
Purple Grey

My first 3 models own nail polishes! I just love the packaging so much their like the perfect little nail polish pots aren't they? I love the text as well..anyway that's probably not very interesting aha but they just look so appealing when theyre on the shop shelves surrounded by all their other colorful fellow polishes. So i picked up these three that were in a set in TK Maxx during my little beauty splurge there. I had no idea that they sold OPI, Models own and Essie nail polishes there all for so much cheaper than usual! It's definitely going to be my new fave place to stock up on nail polish for autumn winter and grab all those autumnal colours! So there's three here that I've swatched for you and I think they're all very season appropriate at the moment and I definitely recommend buying burgundy purple colours. Each one only really needed one coat apart from the purple grey which needed a couple. 

What you're favorite nail polish's for Autumn/Winter?

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