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001. Well so much has happened lately and I forgot to stop putting up these week in photo posts so here's a collective one of the last couple of weeks! I feel as though I've been very hectic lately and towards the end of summer didn't stop. I worked at the zoo project festival with my friend for the weekend face and body painting which was fun and we got to bring two friends along for the weekend so that was a weekend with a difference!The boyfriend recently moved back to plymouth for his last year at uni so I've been down there a couple of times already (hence the photos with the wheel and the lighthouse) It's such a lovely place you should go if you haven't been already!

002. So I wen't back to my uni town last week to stay for the weekend and to graduate! It was a really scary prospect and I was so scared I was going to fall tits over arse on the stage but it was fine haha! My heart was pounding though as I i thought to myself 'there's no way I'm going to be able to walk fine in these shoes!'. We then all had to leave the church after and form a procession through the town to the reception bit where we had wine ect. That was a little embarrassing as the whole town was watching and I was hobbling as fast as I could. It was nice to go back for the weekend though and see everyone's faces again. So sad that it's an end of an era that seemed to go soo fast, but I'm really going to try and keep in touch with everyone and try and do reunions throughout the year.

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  1. cool pics! :) I like the big breakfast photo, yum! Also that necklace you bought is fabulous!
    Helen x


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