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Alas! I have finally found a well priced natural shade eye shadow palette at a half decent price! Never had I previously tried NYX cosmetics, to be honest I'm not even sure that their available in UK drugstore but I know their raved about in america so when I saw this bad boy in Tk Maxx I couldn't not pick pick it up.
The first three colours are light shades, perfect for highlighting with a matte finish whilst the others have a shimmering finish and are perfect for night out. I'm a suck for brown eyeshadows and that's literally the only colour/shade I seem to wear these days as I feel it compliments my eye colour the most. 
The colours themselves are well pigmented and apply well but I do find that their quite dusty and when applying onto the brush their can be a bit of fall out, but to be honest that doesn't bother me as they stay on well and look so nice! Overall I'm happy I picked these up as it's a great little selection of eye shadows that should be kept in you're handbag for daytime or evening occasions, not to mention a great price.

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