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Benefit 'Their real' Mascara £18.50
How amazing is that before and after! I genuinely can't believe how good this mascara is, it literally gives you lashes that you never knew you had! So by now you already know that I'm like in love with this product and had been wanting to try it for months after I'd heard such great things about it on blogs and on youtube  So the mascara claims that 94% of women claim that they saw dramatic changes in the length and volume of their lashes and I completely agree. Compared to the mascara I was using before (Rimmel scandal eyes) this gives the eyelashes a lot more thickness and length and the wand itself is like nothing I've ever used before as I usually go for really thick ones with long bristles. This one is really different as the bristles are really small but create the perfect brush to apply the mascara and space out the eyelashes really well. I find there's often nothing worse that a mascara wand that clumps the lashes all together and doesn't allow enough room to make them look neat and tidy. (I hope you girl's know what I mean! aha)

In terms of long-wearing results it lasts all day and is build able so you can reapply if need be and it wont look clumpy and thick. I also recommend curling you're lashes before applying to get an even more dramatic curvier look. There is no smudging with this mascara and I've found that it doesn't flake off like quite a few of mine have done in the past. Overall I 110% recommend that you go out and buy this NOW.Thank you benefit for this super duper creation!


  1. This looks brilliant! I'll definitely try it out! Great review xxx

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  3. i love your blog and your youtube!!! Great stuff xxx

  4. Looks amazing, definitely going to be purchasing this, thanks for the great review! x

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  6. you have literally sold this product to me. Now I'm trying to save up some advantage points to purchase it :)

  7. Your lashes looks amazing! I really love this mascara wand, it really helps to separate each lash and no clumps!


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