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Barry M: 317 Blue Moon
Barry M: 352 Pink Sapphire
So this look is super quick and simple to create! I don't even really need to tell you how to do it to be honest but I thought some of you my be interested to know what I used!
001. Apply a layer of the blue moon nail polish. This colour is really gorgeous but admittedly I have to apply about three layers until the colour was pigmented enough.
002. I absolutely love this pink sapphire sparkle nail polish and had to grab it for winter.It's so festive with it's deep pink undertones and mix of round and rectangular flecks of glitter, everyone should have at least one glitter nail polish for this winter season! So once the blue moon had dried, I applied two layers of this over the top once and the great thing about a clear nail polish with glitter in is that you don't need to apply a top coat as this already acts as one and holds it all into place.
So there you have it! Happy manicuring :)

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