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 Illamasqua Lipstick in 'Encounter'

Another red lipstick to add to my collection! I'm such a lover of the classic red lip and how it can always finish off a makeup look so perfectly. Admittedly this is my first Illamasqua lipstick and I knew it wouldn't let me down. This lipstick has a matte finish that doesn't feel claggy or too heavy on the lips, as well as being the  perfect letter box red shade that really pop's out with my skin tone. Application wise it goes on really smoothly and is build able if you only want to apply lightly or if you'd like a full on red lip. It really lasts throughout the day and I've had no problem with smudging thus far, and overall am really happy with the quality of this product. The perfect classic red lippy!


  1. Absolutely love the makeup and the red suits you so well!! Thanks for the review!!! I always wanted to try Illamasqua!!

  2. I'm in need of a new red lipstick! Always on the look out for the perfect one haha
    Just came across your youtube/blog btw and I have been engrossed for hours I swear haha! You are now deffo one of my faves x


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