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001. Green belt country life wax jacket- I can't believe how similar this is to a Barbour jacket, you would hardly be able to tell the difference if it wasn't for the label! The coat itself id literally in brand new condition with a wax coating and such adorable tartan lining. Unfortunately I wont be keeping this coat as it's a man's large so I bought it to sell it on as I know I can make some good money off of it. If you're wanting to earn a bit of extra cash going down to you're local charity shop and selling things on is definitely something I reccommend!

002. I LOVE this jacket/fleece but again it's a men's size or bigger women's as I'd say it was definitely a unisex piece so again I will be selling this on, but what a find! it's so on trend with the whole aztec print but has a great winter look and feel to it and is so warm to wear! I also love the two tone grey look it has along with the festive looking buttons.

003. OK so this one I'm definitely keeping! Luckily this dress was an 8 (which is extrememly hard and unlikely to find in charity shops) and I just cant wait to wear it. Recently I've been obsessed with turtle necks so the turtle neck feature to this piece with the tie up neck just makes me love it even more. It has such a lovely vintage look with it with a gothic, grungy twist complete with the black lace. The cut out back just finishes the dress off and I've been wanting to own a backless piece for so long now as I think it's just so flattering and sexy!

004. This again is another jacket to sell on but for £2.00 I just couldn't resist. It's such a gorgeous vintage looking piece complete with a gold clasp to do up on the front. The jacket itself is black velvet and is complete with shoulder pads. Such a classic piece that I know someone with get a lot of wear out of!

005. Love love love this shirt! Another great fun whilst rummaging through the men's shirt section, It's a must in charity shop as you'll find such great tee's/shirt's and jackets that might well fit you! Or even a gift for you're boyfriend. I can't get enough of tartan plaid shirts and can tell that this one will last years as the materials really has that working man/lumberjack feel to it, haha does that make any sense?! The colour combination on the shirt is also great and I've already received compliments from it. 

006. One more addition to my granny collection. I just cant resist a vintage cream knit cardigan! Such a great thing to have in you're wardrobe and you can always roll up the sleeves to give it a more modern look. Look's great with a cute little tee dress and just a great way to finish off an outfit. 

007. I don't usually buy well known brands from charity shops as I usually like to the more vintage looking items.However this jacket from Topshop really does a vintage beat up look to it with the faded tan leather ( real leather too!) on parts on the arms and back. It's got a great bomber jacket/ 70's country look to it and fits me well, but I feel the one thing keeping from wanting to own it is the elasticated waist. It's just something I'm not a great fan of but I bought this to sell it on as I think someone out their will really love it. 

 Which is you're favorite out of all of them?

Keep thrifting!

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  1. such a good finds. wish we had as good thrift shops as are in UK. :)


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