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22/02/2013 !

The idea of this foundation is to allow you're face to feel 'nearly naked' and feel as though you aren't wearing any makeup. Unfortunately this foundation doesn't have a pump which I prefer my foundations to have so with the nearly naked foundation I pour a little onto the back of my hand and work it into my skin with my real techniques buffing brush. A small amount of this product goes along way and works flawlessly into the skin leaving a glowing and healthy finish with a medium coverage. I find this foundation to be really similar to the Rimmel match perfection foundation in terms of finish, however the nearly naked does look more natural. The formula contains jojoba oil which leaves the skin feeling moisturized and seriously soft which such a lovely asset to a foundation, as well as including antioxidents to help fight the signs of ageing. overall I think this is a great everyday wearable foundation if you want you're skin to look natural and glowing. It's available in 10 different shades and is out now!! The pressed power is equally as impressive and leaves you're skin feeling so unbelievable soft.I usually don't tend to use powder as I use dry skin but this doesn't at all draw attention to it and is barely visible once applied. It's a great finishing powder to help set you're makeup or apply in those oily area's when needed as leaves you're skin looking just as glowing and healthy as the foundation does. A perfect little compact for you're handbag! 

Tried the nearly naked products already? Let me know what you think


  1. I bought this foundation and powder today, I'm excited to try it out now:) Great review x

  2. I haven't tried any, usually foundation makes my skin super oily but maybe with a more "natural" kind of formula it wont be. I also would like to try a finishing powder. Im sure that would be helpful!
    You look amazing!

  3. I bought this foundation yesterday and I love it- the colour range for pale skin is awesome! xo

  4. Where did you buy the Nearly Naked foundation? I bought it Superdrug a couple of days ago and it was £5.99! After reading this post I'm quite tempted to buy the powder after reading your review! Hehe xx


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