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Sleek Face Form- Medium

So I bought this kind of on a whim when I'd run out of my Sleek Contour Kit which has been my daily contour/highlight palette. I initially bought this to use on a shoot the next day but they only had a medium left so I bought it. This is a little too dark for my skin so I probably would use the light if I repurchased it for myself but I have used it a few times so far. The contour powder is really well pigmented but as it is slightly too dark for me I tap off any excess before applying so that it's not so harsh on my skin tone. The blush on the right is also a lovely tan colour and I use it as more of a bronze than a blush as again it's fairly dark. I find the highlight slightly unusual as it isn't at all similar to the highlight in the contour kit. It's fairly shimmery with quite a strong gold undertone that doesn't really compliment my skin, this again is most likely due to the fact the palette is in the shade medium. It would however be lovely to use as a neutral shimmery eye shadow as it has a really pretty finish. Overall I think that Sleek has done a great job in creating high quality but affordable product's and this is such a great little multi-use kit to have in you're makeup bag! (Just make sure you pick up the right shade to suit you!)

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  1. This looks really nice- I love the Sleek Face Contour Kit so I'd be interested to try this one out! xo


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