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I adore this vibrant green shade, almost a teal but slightly lighter. It reminds me of summer and would be  a great way of adding a pop of colour to a look or outfit. 

This colour is so popular at the moment, almost a mix between sky blue and lilac.I had a similar colour nail polish from primark and got so many compliments and would defiantly like to give this one a try as I've heard a lot of people raving about it in the blogger/youtube world. Perfect colour for spring!

This looks like such a gorgeous affordable highlight to brush across the top of you're cheekbones or to accentuate your cupids bow and give a sleek glow to you're skin. Definitely a product I need to try!

I've never owned a topshop from blush and usually don't use blushes in general as I have quite a pinky undertone to my skin so I prefer to use contour and bronzers. However I love the look of this peachy tones blush and would like to try out more blushers for the spring/summer girly look.

I adore reddish pink lip products at the moment, deep plums and fuchsias are so perfect to finish off a makeup look with a strong a bold lip. Another perfect colour for when the sun starts to come out again and a lip crayon is a great casual alternative to a lipstick, use a finger to dab and apply to create a stained lip effect!

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