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Real Techniques makeup brushes designed by Samantha Chapman have become increasingly popular over the last few months and not only is the everyday woman using them but their becoming Holy Grail brushes for makeup artists in the industry. The core collection is a great starter kit if you’re only just delving into the realms of real techniques brushes. The collection contains coverage essential brushes including the detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush and contour brush. Each brush is fast drying and incredibly soft which makes them even more enjoyable to use on clients or for your own use.

Pointed Foundation Brush |The pointed foundation brush is almost a mini version of a regular foundation brush not only used for foundation but is fantastic for concealer, particularly under the eyes as the pointed end really allows you to apply product with a neat finish.  A perfect brush to have on hand for touch ups and any small makeup details that may need amending.

Contour brush | A great brush not only for contouring the hollows of the cheekbones but applying highlight and bronzer, as the head of the brush picks up product so wonderfully and then using the edges of the brush the product can be blended further into the skin.  

Detailer brush| The detailer brush is extremely versatile and can be used for numerous areas on the face, truly living up to its name as it can be used for any small details. It works wonders when applying concealer and is perfect for getting into those tiny areas or on blemishes that may need some extra coverage. A fantastic sized brush for applying lip products and is great for a applying a sheen of highlight in the inner corners of the eyes or the cupids bow.

Buffing Brush | Admittedly this is my favourite brush in the core collection and has transformed my foundation application routine. Adding a dab of moisturizer onto the brush before applying foundation and buffing into the skin evenly creates a perfect base before foundation and this brush works fantastically with liquid and mineral foundations achieving maximum coverage.  The buffing brush works most effectively by buffing into the skin in circular strokes and the tips of the brush push the product into the skin for extra coverage. This buffing motion leaves the skin with a flawless and streak free finish and is the perfect brush for makeup artists to apply a foundation base quickly and effectively.  

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  1. I love the Core Collection and use it everyday. It's a staple in my make-up collection! x


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