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                                                I Coloniali Body Lotion

The consistency of this body lotion is almost oil like as oppose to a cream so the product is poured directly into you're hands and then massaged into the skin.The lotion itself smells amazing and has a real musky incense scent which comes from the Japanese fragrance 'Yuzu'. This product feels extremely luxurious and a I have been really enjoying this product however I think it's only downfall is that the scent doesn't linger on my skin for very long. For a high end product I assumed that the smell would linger on the skin for quite some time but I found that the scent faded after a couple of hours and then I had to reapply. As a lotion itself it leaves the skin feeling really soft and smooth and is great to use all over the body, particularly the neck if you'd like to use instead of a perfume.

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