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1. Black cami (buy here) 2. Embroidered shorts (buy here) 3. Hexagon sunglasses (buy here)
4. Gladiator boots (buy here) 5. Lace fringe kimono (buy here)

Browsing the Topshop website this evening, oh what a bad idea! I've given myself the 'I want's' so thought I'd share with you all these gems i found. The weather in the UK has turned wet and stormy due the the amazingly hot weather we've had lately. Hopefully it's just temporary but it has made me think that summer might be on it's way out already waaaah :( Anywho making the most of the current heat is what I shall do and with festival season still in process I think this outfit I put together has a real boho hippy feel to it and I'm in love with the kimono! The strappy boots are such a statement along with the hexagon sunglasses which encompass the hippy chic vibe.

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