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1. Studded tote handbag// £9.99 (buy here)
How gorgeous is this bag!? For the price as well I can't believe it. It's so on trend and looks like a really great quality piece. A real statement bag with the cute studding and can be worn as a messenger bag as well, an absolute bargain!

2. Chelsea boot wellies//£16.95 (buy here)
These are adorable and so perfect for any upcoming festivals or just English weather in general! A great way to wear the usual 'not so trendy' wellie boot and a great take on the Chelsea boot.

3. Meow beanie hat// £6.70 (buy here)
There's so many beanie hat's around right now but I love ones with quirky little sayings or slogans. I am a cat lover (although I'm allergic waahh) so this hat is right up my street. 

4. Neon see through clutch// £13.99 (buy here)
I've always loved the look of these bags as a pop of colour with monochrome outfits. The see through side to it does put me off slightly as I don't know how I'd feel about all my belongings being on show! None the less I can appreciate it's stylishness and thought you guys might appreciate me finding a cheap version!

5. Buffing foundation brush//£2.99 (buy here)
BIG NEWS! So I honestly think I've found dupes for the real techniques brushes :O (Sorry Sam Chapman I still love you! aha) I think it's pretty obvious that this brand have based their own brushes around the real techniques ones just by the looks of them but I ended up ordering the blush one. (If you click there link there's a bunch of different styles) I am so impressed with the one I ordered so far and the quality is actually really high. The hairs haven't shed and it applied blush and bronzer really nicely, very similar to the RT's contour brush! For £2.99 each I honestly think I'm going to order all of them as they really are great quality  brushes and deliver quickly.
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  1. Oh god, I've wanted to try Real Techniques brushes for so long but can't justify spending so much on brushed after the disaster with one of my MAC brushes. This RT dupe looks amazing.
    Definitely putting it on my spending ban wishlist!

    Peach Pow XO

  2. Heyyyy Girl!

    I hope you are well! I really like the bag and clutch!
    Just so you know I nominated you for this whole Libster Awards that is floating around the land of blog. All the deets are on my blog if you fancy have a butchers and taking part.

    Love Rheya |

  3. Hello girls ♥ Il love your cap and you bag ♥
    Kiss ♥

  4. I love when you do these posts!!

  5. LOVE these types of posts and LOVE the neon clutch! So glad your blogging because I adore your youtube videos too :)


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