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MUA lipgloss 'quick kiss'
MUA lipgloss 'sweet nothings'
MUA lipgloss 'kiss and tell'
 MUA is already one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands but these lipglosses have ranked them even higher in my books! Each lipgloss costs a mere £2 and the pigmentation is amazing! They are so vibrant and long lasting with a gorgeous sheer glossy finish that does not feel sticky in the slightest. 
Quick kiss is the lightest shade of the three that I picked up which is a beautiful pinky nude with an ever so slight brownish tone, perfect for an everyday look. Kiss and tell is my favourite of the three which has a pinky red tone and is the most  pigmented. A beautiful color for a night out or special event and needs the least reapplying! Lastly sweet nothings is the perfect barbie pink shade with a blue undertone, the perfect shade to make your teeth appear whiter!
Overall I think these are amazing value for money and a must have for your makeup collection if your looking for dupes similar to the Rimmel apocalypse lip lacquers! If you've tried them already what do you think?
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