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I've been eyeing up this little one for a good few months now and particularly had an urge to buy it every time I went to visit my boyfriend and had forgot to bring nail polish remover and pads with me. It seems such a bother sometimes so I thought screw it and splurged a whole £4.99. Although this is a fairly gimmicky product it really is worth it in my opinion and does exactly what it's supposed to do it no time at all. The '1 second' per nail claim isn't entirely true as you might imagine but I'd say 3-5 seconds is more realistic. The foamy hole in the middle is where you insert your nail and the acetone inside removes the polish quickly with a little wiggle and twist of your finger. DO NOT tip this upside down like this wolly over hear did because the acetone will drip out so just ensure you seal the lid when finished with. This is such a handy product to keep in your handbag if you fancy a quick nail polish change and the red fruit & vanilla fragrance is really quite nice unlike a lot of nail polish removers, plus I didn't even wash my hands after because it didn't have that sticky feeling! Overall I'm super happy with this product and I highly recommend it for a quick fix and cotton pad free.
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