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Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I have been working a lot so the blog and youtube kind of went on hold for a while however I will back on it this week! I found some real nice things on ebay lately, mostly tartan themed! I can't stop looking at coats and jackets at the moment either! I've never been that into jackets but this season I seem to be making a collection and have a few more on my wish list. I guess it's just because coats are a given in winter and I am probebly going to be wearing one every day now for the next few months, so I'd like a have a good few styles and selection of colours. Boot's have been my other obsession so I included a couple that I loved in this post, hope you like them too!
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  1. Loving all your eBay dupes posts! Not enough people use eBay its just so amazing! I put up similar posts sometimes on my blog if you'd have a look sometime! Thanks :) xx


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