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I'd been wanting to try this product for ages, and since it is winter what better time to have a lip scrub. The lush lip scrub comes in three flavours but I'd heard so people rave about the bubblegum one and I thought it smelt the best! The lip scrub is essentially a sugar scrub that you just pop onto your finger and rub along your lips to smooth and rid of any dead skin. Admittedly this scrub isn't as abrasive as I thought it would be so I did have to scrub quite hard to smooth out the dry skin but after applying a lip balm they felt lovely and soft. The scrub has an amazing bubblegum scent and you can even lick off the excess which makes it even more enjoyable. This is a great affordable lip polisher and for this cold weather I definitely recommend that you pick one up!
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  1. Absolutely love this lip scrub, I have to stop myself from always licking it off my lips.


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