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I'm a bit obsessed with searching chunky sandals on the internet at the moment. I suppose I feel like it'll make spring/summer arrive faster if I stock up on sandals which is ridiculous but I just can't wait any longer! I've been loving the look of these two strap sandals with the chunky tread on the bottom that come in black and white which are in my eyes two perfect colours for shoes. Anywho after looking on ASOS I found basically the exact same pairs of sandals on ebay for half the price so obviously I had to share them with you guys! I all honesty just by the look of them I think I prefer the ebay ones just because they look a lot sturdier and slightly better quality where as I think the ASOS ones look quite foam like. However I haven't seen them both in person so I could be wrong. If your into statement shoes and boots then you should definitely pick yourself up a pair of these sandals as they're going to be real big this spring/summer and they're a great statement sandal to mix with jeans shorts or cute dresses. What do you think?

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  1. omg, I'm deffo going to go on ebay right now! Thanks for this post xo

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  2. Could you do a "How to sytle chunky sandals" on Youtube or on your blog ? I just bought a pair and I have absolutely no clue what to wear with them (besides skinny jeans..). It would be sooo helpful. Love xx

  3. Just saw this whilst hunting online for white chunky sandals:


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