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So it's pretty fair to say that New look are killing it this year with their latest sandal releases, I literally want all of them soo much! As you may know by know I became a huge fan of black platform boots and shoes this winter and totally intend to carry that on that theme into spring/summer with platform sandals. I love how all of these pairs are so versatile and can literally be thrown on with jeans or shorts but can also be dressed up for an evening look. On top of that the monochrome amazingness is just too much and I better start saving my pennies to acquire as many pairs of these sandals as I can! Bravo newlook, bring on the sun!!


  1. Oh I love these! I did a post all about sandals a couple of days ago as weird! Great minds think a like...possibly haha :)

    Lois Lillian

  2. ahh I love all of these and own a couple similar, you should check out windsor smith!

  3. I have the leather version of number 3 and I adore them, so impressed with New Look's shoes at the moment. Really want a pair of chunky white sandals for summer, got my eye on the 'Sporty Spice' platforms over on Lamoda.

    Little Black Russian



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