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Currently I'm sat in bed in my onesie surround by vaseline and 100 used tissues feeling like absolute death. Everyone in my house has caught this miserable cold and chesty cough so whilst feeling sorry for myself I browsed the net for shoe porn. This isnt at all a sponsered post but I'm slightly obsessed with the shoe choice that has. I have worked with them previously and not only are their clothes ridiculously cheap, so are their shoes and what an amazing selection of shoes they are. I feel like their boots and sandals are so unique that they are absolutely worth paying the slightly hefty postage for seeing as the shoes themselves are basically all under $20. (click the numbers for the links)
They are always so on trend with that grungy feel and uniqueness that I don't usually see in normal high street stores. Which ones are your favorite?
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  1. I really the all white ones, the remind me of what I imagine a lab tech would wear but a fashionista lab tech, hah.

  2. Those shoes are amazing. Would so be ordering a pair if I had the money spare

  3. I love the 1st & 6th pair.. lush!!

    Belinda UK Fashion Blogger | Fashion Crossing

  4. Amazing shoes, gutted they don't go to a size 7 though!


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