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Very similar to the bumble and bumble surf spray but for under £10 and available in boots. Great for adding texture to the hair and doesn't leave any kind of sticky feeling. A much lighter constancy but can be a bit difficult to aim on to the hair as the spray from the nossel can be quite forceful. 

A clean-rinsing formula wipes out impurities and makes way for buoyant body and soft, seabreezy texture. If your wanting to give your hair some texture for that tosseled beach hair look then this is the product for you. Spray generously into the roots and end of your hair and ruffle through with your fingers. 

A great styling spray that gives the hair body,volume and shine. I apply just before blow drying into my roots to give them lift and structure which makes it much easier to style. Can also be used on dry hair as a setting lotion and keeps the hair in good condition. 

Run this oil through your hair with your fingertips after hair drying to smooth through mid lengths and ends. A great product for frizz prone hair and will leave your hair looking shiny and healthy with no greasy feeling.
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