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Recently I finally got around to painting my room white and it has completely changed the look of the room. It looks so much more spacious and after going through the whole vintage/floral phase for a good few years, I really wanted to change the theme of my room into something more grown up with a modern feel. As many of you probably already know I am a huge monochrome fan when it comes to fashion and I basically live in black and white clothes. After seeing tonnes of monochrome themed rooms on pinterest I have become obsessed and have been buying monochrome decor here, there and everywhere. As it's such an interest to me at the moment I thought I'd create blog posts along the way to share my finds with you all. Cushions and throws really do change the feel of a room and instantly give a bed or sofa that cosy factor.  If you'r not a fan of just black and white and feel that it can get a bit bland, then duck egg is the perfect way to add a pop of colour into the mix and the three colours look so great together for an Autumn/Winter room revamp!


  1. I love the simple colors incorporated into the spaces! I need to redecorate!

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