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After wanting to go whiter with my hair I decided to try a couple of products from Bleach London to illuminate the yellow tones. I'd been wanting to try something from their range for a while so I decided to opt for the silver shampoo and conditioner. My usual go to silver shampoo is the Bonacure Colour Freeze which is really great for ridding of brassy tones in the hair but since I've been using it for years I wanted to try another brand. After a few washes with the Bleach london shampoo and conditioner I have really noticed that my hair looks a lot whiter with almost a grey tint to it which I actually really like. The only downside is probably due to the fact that I did a bad job at bleaching my whole head, but there are a few strands in my fringe that keep getting dyed purple by the shampoo and conditioner (as the products themselves are purple). This does get quite annoying but if you have a well bleached head then this might not be a problem for you! Let me know if you have had the same experience? The smell of the products are pretty delicious and I find that the conditioner is very conditioning compared to my usual tresemme conditioner. The hair is left feeling really smooth and nourished I haven't found them to be at all damaging compared to Provokes touch of silver shampoo which I found used to really wreck my hair and leave it in a really bad state. The 250ml bottles provide a great amount of product and they will last you a good few months if you use a couple of times a week to maintain a silver tint to your hair.
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