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Well it's been a while since of done one of the old outfits posts, mainly because there is fuck all in my wardrobe at the moment but I have some new bits on the way so hopefully my  outfits will get  a little bit more exciting again.  Struggling with this weather change too as I really do feel that I can never look trendy in winter. It just doesn't really happen and I still haven't found a great winter coat yet so still on the hunt for that. Feeling a bit glum currently due the fact that my doggy of eighteen years is going to be put down on Thursday :(  It doesn't quite feel real at the moment but she's just got to the point where she can barely walk anymore and is using our house at a  toilet a few times a day which is just getting out of hand. It is time to put here out of her misery but it's just such a horrible feeling. If any of you have had to go through the same kind of thing with a pet do let me know,  might be comforting. 

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  1. So sorry to hear about your dog Georgia, i havent dealt with it myself but couldnt imagine what youre going through. You still look gorg as ever and ive ordered this top thanks to you - youre a bad influence on my bank account! chin up.


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