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Admittedly I won't be able to properly start wearing this jacket until it gets a little warmer but I'm glad i finally have it in my wardrobe! The diamond   gives it more of that street look at I really like the length as it just covers my bum...I'm one of those kind of people. The quality of the jacket is actually really great although I am a bit gutted it doesnt have pockets , where do I put my hands?! The window pane roll neck jumper also arrived the same day and although they might not go together I had to shove them both on as I always do with new clothes. I'm obsessed with this jumper which is also available in a few other colours, amazingly affordable and excellent quality.  I need to find a cute high waisted black skirt to go with it I think...the hunt begins. 

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  1. This bomber jacket is perfect, love the padding in it!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Big fan of the bomber. But that roll neck jumper is so gorgeous x

  3. I could never pull off a bomber but that roll neck is amazing!

    Charlotte - styleaked

  4. I'm loving that bomber jackets are back, but I was a 90's kid and I just keep picturing my 10 year old self wearing one (I had one with the orange lining too! ha!) and don't know if I could go there again.

    It really suits you and your style! love it :)


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