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After popping my Jo Malone cherry I have to admit I have become a sucker for the brand. As it is a high end brand I won't be popping in there anD purchasing a product every month but I think they are great products to save up for or pop on your birthday wish list. After working with Tanya Burr and smelling this cologne on her I decided I was going to get one myself as it has a much more sophisticated, luxurious scent to any fragrance I have owned before. Admittedly I thought that the Jo Malone scent combinations were a little odd but do not be fooled. This is the perfect fragrance for autumn/winter with it's sweet blackberry scent and woody heart note that leaves you with a warm and comforting feeling. The only downside to this cologne is the longevity as I find myself having to re-spritz during the day as the scent does seem to fade. I have read many a review where others have said the same so I do hope that Jo Malone will take these comments on board to improve on that aspect. Other than that small downside, I think it's a beautiful product and would make a wonderful grift for someone (or yourself!).


Releasing an instant burst of juiciness, natural blackcurrant buds add a fruity, slightly tart accent, while bucco tree essence suggests the lively, crunchy-green character of blackberry leaves.


An accord based on the natural note of galbanum it brings vegetal brightness and a wonderful green quality to the fragrance.
                                     HEART NOTE: CEDAR WOOD

Its woody, dry character imbues the base with charismatic intensity.

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