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H&M shopping has been become a bit of a problem for me lately. Every time I go in I come out with a bag full of stuff but I think to myself I might as well get the good pieces while their in because the majority of the time h&m can be really shit. Anywho I have been in need of a new backpack for so long now and after a couple of weeks of umming and ahring over this one I finally decided to take the plunge. With a £30 price tag it was a little more than I'd like to spend on a bag (yes I'm a cheapskate) however there was only one left in my local store and obviously it was just meant to be. I really love the zipper detail of the straps so it can be made into a double or a single strap. 

 The jumper is the same as the blue one that I wore in this outfit post, but on recent return to h&m I got sucked in by the marl grey colour too. This jumper are available in about five colours I believe and I really love the fit of them. I go for a small anyone is wondering. 

 I was also debating over the jacket for a while but after trying it on I couldn't leave without it. This is a really cropped jacket which I'm getting pretty annoyed by to be honest. I'm not a fan of them so I had to size up to a size 16 to ensure it was a fairly decent length on me.  The oversized look is something I  usually opt for anyway so it worked out well. It's so comfy and although a puffa isn't to everyones taste, it's a great casual option for winter.

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  1. That H&M back pack is fantastic. £30 is a lot, but if you use it every day, then I reckon it has to be worth it. I bought my last back pack about 5 years ago for about the same price and it's still going strong! x


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