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I feel a bit like a magpie at the moment. Anything silver, holographic or shiny I just instantly seem to want ! I've also been loving neutral pieces lately too and I have no idea why but something about that cream puff jacket is so appealing to me.  Paired with a roll neck jumper and some monochrome trainers it would just be the perfect winter lounge look but still great to run around in and get shiz done. Also can I just say that Choies are killing it at the moment. Although they are china based I order things from them all the time and after the dollar to pound conversion you really do get your moneys worth. Stock up while you can!


  1. The skirt & grey jacket have been on my wish list for this month, they are such simple pieces which could work with anything!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. That grey sleeveless blazer is gorgeous, some great picks as always!

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