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I should really just take the plunge and buy this puffa jacket...let's be honest it's not really even much of a plunge as it works out to be around £40. The colour is just so so gorgeous and so practical for this freezing cold weather. I have quite a few beauty bits on my winter wants list which is pretty naughty as those things don't come cheap. Aesop is a brand I really want to try and their packaging is just to die for. I've been eyeing up the MAC cremestick liners for so long now that they have basically all sold out online which is really annoying. I'm going to have to go buy some in store because I'm a huge fan of creme lip liners, 100% more than just the regular pencils. The creme ones glide so easily onto the lips and blend really nicely, not to mention you don't need to keep sharpening them. I'm a huge fan of the no.7 creme liners so I am pretty excited to know that mac do them too. As for Jo Malone I just can't stop thinking about the pink peony and blush cologne after smelling it a few months back. Such a beautiful sweet scent, but I think it's going to remain on my wish list until I finally pluck up the courage to make a purchase.

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  1. Those mugs are so unique! They would look incredible in different shades of grey.

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  2. Oooh, that padded coat is soooo gorgeous. Lovely colour and style x


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