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So I'm currently trying to sell a couple of pieces of my furniture to replace the other side of my room with a slimmer chest of drawers and a desk. I don't have much room so I'm probably going to have to opt for the Ikea Micke desk in the smaller version and line up a couple of rows of lack shelves above it to put some decor bits on and some art work. The side of my room you always see in my videos is the better side of my room that is actually finished but the other side is still full of my shabby chic furniture when I was going through my shabby chic vintage phase a few years ago hence the name' the vintage vision'. The name doesn't really relate to me anymore as my style and taste as changed but it would be SUCH a faff to change it. So anyway I always get a lot of request to do a room tour and such but I don't want to do it until my whole room is complete and my desk space is finished. So anyway after that ramble here's some desk inspiration from pinterest which I am constantly drooling over and below are a bunch of items I've found inspired by the images that you could incorporate in your own desk/office space. Just click the items below and they will take you straight to the product, enjoy!

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  1. I'm obsessed with this kind of chair at the minute but there's no space in my room!

    Charlotte - styleaked


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