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Here's a few of my current favourite Kylie Jenner inspired lip pencils that I have been loving to wear over the past few months. I'm really not into the whole heavily overdrawn lip look but I do like to outline my lips to give a fuller appearance as my lips are naturally quite small and thin. Lip liners are all the rage at the moment since Kylies infamous lips plagued the internet and so I've put together a few drugstore and high end versions that are very similar to the liners she uses herself. Maybe not surprisingly a few of my favourites in particular are actually the cheaper versions  including the Rimmel exaggerate liner which is a creme stick version that slides so easily onto the lips and lasts all day long. The Kiko  smart liners at only £2.50 are an absolute must and available in a huge range of colours as well as Sleek for under £4. MAC soar is of course a classic and is in fact one that Kylie uses. If your looking to splurge a little the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat is such a beautiful product. Charlotte has also just released a range of colour liners as well as her nude range so you can't go wrong in choosing the perfect liner.  What are your current favourite lip liners?

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  1. I really love the rimmel lip liner for a more pinky look than nude, it definitely works so well for me and the price makes it even better!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Soar is my favorite liner for everyday! It works so well with my complexion!



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