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  Sorry for the recent absence wonderful people, I had a very lovely weekend away with the boyfriend for valentines weekend and mid last week my laptop decided to fall off the bed, thus breaking my sd card inside it. I lost all the images I was going to use for upcoming blog posts and couldn't even film any videos. I then just became very angry and didn't feel at all motivated to retake or even bother uploading anything else. So anyway it's a new week, my new sd card has arrived and I am back into the swing of things. After a trip to anthrrolopolgie,whistles and all these other fancy shops in bath, I decided to make another winter wants of all the things I lusted over whilst browsing these fancy shops. Have I mentioned how much I want my own place yet? haha I am literally dying to move out and forever making home decor lists and bookmarking all these beautiful things. I know the day will come eventually and I can buy a bizzilion monochrome things and dot them all over the place. Even book covers are sucking me in these days- and I don't even have any interest in the contents! These marketing people know what they're doing ey.

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  1. So Glad to have you back on the blogging scene but I worry what Im going to do when winter is over and these posts are no more? Theyre my fave!

    Charlotte - styleaked

    1. aha we'll turn it into summer wants ;)

  2. Adore the colour palette of this. I too am lusting after the Whistles boots, hat and clutch, I would buy my entire wardrobe there if I could afford it. I'm dying to move out too, I'm obsessed with browsing interiors on Pinterest!


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