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The 2015 sandal consumption has begun! Although these are a silver metallic they have a purple sheen to them which I really love and a chunky cleated sole so these were a must have for me. They have gold too but I preferred the silver and they were around the £12 mark so go grab some while you can! As I was perusing Tesco the other day I found some nice stationary including this cute notebook and sports luxe style pencil case which I thought was super cute. I'd been wanting a case like this for so long from Makeup Forever for my kit to keep my lip liners in so I thought this would be perfect and it was only a couple of quid. I'm tempted to go back and get another to keep all my highlighter pens and mascara products in too. A couple of beauty faves this week has been my Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream which is an absolute dream to use on shoots when I want that dewy skin and glossy eye look. It can be used in soo many ways and is a great skin healer too. I've been reaching of my bare study paint pot a lot lately too as it's a gorgeous eye base to give the lid a slight pearlesecent sheen which you can either leave on it's own or apply a shadow over the top.  

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  1. I'm obsessed with this type of post that you do, although I'm going to blame you for the damage to my wallet ;) Those sandals are gorgeous, I think I'll definitely have to pick some up for summer. And I can't believe that notebook is from Tesco! x

  2. Those sandals are gorgeous. And I can't believe they're from Primark: Win! x


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