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So I've officially been converted to trainers after months of insisting that I would never own a pair. The main reason is due to my height and I always usually go for clumpy heeled shoes or boots, because without a bit of height I actually feel really self conscious. The problem with that however is that general walking around ect can really start to take it's toll on my feet and they just aren't practical whilst walking around London to get to and from jobs. During valentines weekend my very lovely boyfriend treated me to these Roshe Run Flyknit's  from Office(mainly because I said I would never spend that kind of money on trainers) and so I am now a bit trainer obsessed and totally in love with them. The marble laptop case is another great love of my recently and it's just so god damn pretty to look at! This was such a cheap purchase that I found on ebay so I'd snap one up now while you can if your looking for a way to jazz up your macbook air. 

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  1. Oh wow! Those Nike trainers are incredible, aren't they?? Didn't even know Nike made trainers like that! x


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