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After a couple of weeks of reading reviews on this product I finally decided to pick in up in hope that it would be the saviour product in the midst of my eyebrow meltdown. For a few months now I basically haven't touched my eyebrows except the odd tweeze. My last couple of threading experiences resulted in being left with super thin brows even after I requested them to be kept as thick as possible. So I've decided to let them grow and wanted an eyebrow product that I could use to create the look of fuller brows but still keep them looking neat and tidy. 

I really like the consistency of the pomade (imagine that of a MAC paint pot) and it's really easy to apply with a small brow brush after taking off any excess on the back of my hand, as you don't want to brush to be covered. At the front of the brow I like to create small hair like strokes to keep the looking natural and gradually build up those strokes taking it a little higher than my natural brow line. To set the product into place I use MAC's clear brow gel and it lasts really well through out the day without having to reapply. I really love the natural finish it gives the brows and as long as you use the shade closest to your natural brown colour, you should end up having really great results!

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