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I realised that this lipstick doesn't really suit me with super pale skin so since I have been starting to get a bit of colour on my face, I have been reaching for this lipstick a lot more. I love to combine with with Charlotte Tilburys lip cheat in 'pillow talk' for the perfect matte nude lip. 

Since moving to Singapore this has been my go to base for this sticky climate. My boyfriend has even commented on my skin being extra glowing which believe me is a big deal aha! It gives the skin a flawless dewy glow and I love how light this product is with added SPF so I don't have to worry about applying suncream underneath. This is a total must have product for spring/summer for that gorgeous holiday skin finish. 

I've been scouting out my local magazine stands and browsing the fashion magazines here just so I can see what the fashion and makeup scene is all about out here! I found Female magazine which has amazing beauty content and great editorials so this may become my go to fashion magazine. 

I have been reaching for my Nars multiples a lot lately just to add a quick flush of colour to my cheeks and give me skin a bit of a pick me up. 

For some reason I have really noticed my under eye cirlces becoming a lot darker lately which I am not too happy about. I've been using the benefit ohh la lift eye brightener underneath my eye before applying makeup to give the skin a lift and brighten those areas. This looks really beautiful once you have applied makeup over the top and leaves a flawless glow.

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