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Oh my goodness how long has it been!? It feels so great to finally have time to sit down and do some blogging like old times. So if you aren't all caught up, I moved to Singapore in April which was the best decision i have ever made. I am truly so much more happier now than I was before and really living life to the fullest. I am currently day 3 into my trip back to the UK, back in my old room wrapped up in a dressing gown, (something I certainly do not own in Singapore) looking at the frosty auntumal view outside my window. It almost feels like I hadn't left, but at the same time knowing that I'm only here to stay for a short while is very comforting - I'm just not made for this weather! So if you're due a catch up head over to my Youtube Channel and check out my latest video's for Singapore blogs, and just general updates on my new life!

That aside, here are a collection of items that are currently on my wishlist, and I desperately need to made an ASOS order while I am here as delivery takes way too long in Singapore! UNIF is a dangerous brand...that's all I'm saying. 

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  1. It's good to see you back on the blogging scene!! Enjoy your time back in the UK!

    Charlotte / Styleaked


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