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Let's talk prescription glasses. For the last few months I've slowly been building up a selection of frames since I like to mix up my look and match different frames with different outfits. I came across Eyebuy Direct on Instagram on my hunt for clear granny style frames and I just fell I love with all that they have to offer.

All the frames are really reasonably priced even with your prescription added, and the quality is really great too. What stands out most about their website is the fact that their frames are really on trend and left very minimal, just how I like it. Most weekends they do 2 for 1 offers which I'm always a sucker for, and delivery to Singapore only took a week max to arrive.

In all honesty it's hard just to buy one pair so if I were you I'd go ahead a treat yourself to at least a couple just for starters, especially if you're paying extra for shipping. Trust be you won't regret it! I've put together a collection of my favourite frames on their site, so have a scroll through and see what you like! Be sure to use my code IFMMFX4DSA and get $10 off your first order. Frames on fleek guys..frames of fleek.

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