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I've decided to create a new pinterest series where I put together a bunch of my favourite homeware pieces and design my dream room spaces! Today I've created my dream desk space, which hopefully some day soon I can turn into a reality. The scandi minimal feel is the ideal look, with flushes of pink running through combined with an abundance of house plants to keep the room feeling fresh and zen.

Little copper and marble home decor pieces add a little something extra, and monochrome art prints can be leaned up against the wall to create a wider looking space. Selecting your own art prints is a great way to add a personal touch to your space, and you can get as creative as you like. You could even try making your own for something a little more personal!

We're moving apartments at the end of the month and although we'll still be in a flatshare, our room is going to be much larger than our current one and theres a lovely desk space just waiting for me to let loose at! What's your ideal desk space?

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  1. Love the copper/rose gold, and minimalist theme!



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